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About tots baby and mom store

tots baby and mom store was started with the aim to create a reliable source of mummy and baby-friendly products for our customers. We strive to make your parenthood easier and more affordable without compromising on the quality. Our mission is to provide exceptional products that support women during the journey of breastfeeding and nurturing babies.


Why choose tots mom and baby store?

  1. We provide Essential & Quality products
  2. We offer Lower Price
  3. Our products are Ready Stock
  4. You have Permission to use our photos, videos & information on your social channels
  5. To protect our Reseller’s right, we do not disclose reseller price to retailer customer, only assigned resellers can see it


Why join our dropship?

  1. No joining fee & no need to keep stock
  2. No need to do packing & delivering items to customer
  3. Ready Stock, Fast Delivery to your customer’s doorstep
  4. Flexible  working hours
  5. Great discount on products. You order from us at a discount, and as you sell more and more, the discount will be greater
  6. Immediate Income


Dropship With e-commerce (Shopee/Ladaza/Tiktok etc)

Free AWB Printing

1 ) Make Order In tots website

2) Select 'Dropship AWB' to waive postage fees

2) Reply email with attachment AWB at


Drop Ship Discount

Dropship registered agents are entitled to get commission of 10% - 35% for each item that is sold.


How to get started?

  1. Register with us at After you complete email to and we will upgrade your account to Dropship once verified, and will inform you via email.
  2. “Logout” & “Login” to your account and you shall see your dropship price; then you can start to promote our products on your website and other social channels.
  3. When you get enquiries from customer, check stock availability from our website, our stock are live updates.
  4. Get payment & information from your customer and Place order with us
  5. If you want us to put your information as Sender, fill up the “Billing Details”, then your customer information at “Delivery Details”.
  6. Settle payment within 12 hours after order placed, or we will cancel your order. Items will be sending out within 1-3 working days.
  7. We will update you the Tracking Number after items sent via email, and you are responsible to do the follow up with all related matters